We are often reminded that seamen should be offered a career leading to a university degree. Comparisons are drawn between the academic standard of the master’s certificate and the degrees offered by universities; interest is expressed in having them of a comparable level.

However I suspect this is nonsense. The argument is made that seamen should have careers leading to a university degree; otherwise young people will not take to seafaring as a career. But we already have far too many young people with far too many degrees striving to find rewarding and stimulating employment, to match their academic achievements, when the jobs are, quite simply, just not there.

Educating a woman to a standard in excess of any reasonable job expectation might be justifiable on the grounds that her children will benefit but education for the sake of education is probably a waste of resources that our society can ill afford. Society needs relatively few educated people; what it needs is tradesmen and artisans who can do skilled jobs with satisfaction.

Full article, ELNAVI, Issue 465, September 2012, Page. 52

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