There can be few positions in business to compare with that of being the ‘owner’s representative’. It is distinctly different from service as an agent, as agents are remunerated by a commission which they can, through their skill and industry, increase.

But the owner’s representative is tied to his owner’s remuneration, his loyalty and a mutual trust, the one for the other. I have had the good fortune to have served as an owner’s representative for four years afloat as a ship owner’s master in command of seven ships and for over five years working ashore as another ship owner’s manager for his business in the Far East being based in Tokyo. Once this owner, whilst visiting me in Tokyo, suggested that I should
be promoted to the rank of ‘General Manager Far East’ but I asked him to leave me as his businesses’ ‘Representative’ for it seemed to be a more clearly defined function and probably one of superior importance.

In terms of progression up the corporate chain of command this might have
been a mistake but I liked the notion of being the ‘owner’s representative’; I still do.

Full article, ELNAVI, May 2013, Issue 473, Page.89

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