Yvonne Tsanos: “Choices, not opportunities define our lives”

An optimistic woman, militant and cheerful. Her determination defines her life on all levels. When she decides she wants something she will stop at nothing to get it.
A woman with business acumen, a solid education, multilingual, cosmopolitan and charming, a par excellence Cypriote.
Self-made, outgoing, co-operative, enthusiastic.
A resilient, alert and restless spirit – as per Nikos Kazantzakis, a person trying to mould her world and win the freedom of the soul through the salvation of the dignity, morality and honesty that characterizes her.
Her father was a captain, she completed her studies in England and then returned to Cyprus where she worked in various Shipping Companies, entering the dynamic environment of Maritime.
Today she is the Administrator Director of Transmed Shipping in Limassol, Cyprus, General Secretary of WISTA Cyprus, Project Manager of the Chamber of the Maritime Museum, member of the Institute of Eastern Mediterranean, Vice –
president of the Nautical Institute, winner of the 2017 Business woman of the year, and she is also secretary of the Cyprus Marine Club in Limassol. Titles which prove her capabilities and success; this is Yvonne Tsanos.

Full article, ELNAVI September 2017, Issue 525, Page. 12

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