Olivia A. Paranos: “Today, optimism is a one- way street”

A woman ready to dream, plan and implement all she had dreamed of when she was young – having a boldness that transcends its boundaries, but also the circumspection to act apporopriately, without losing hope in the face of any
adversity – ready to wander the world, victorious. A very beautyful woman, with a smile that can handle any situation confidently and ably, who knows exactly how to act correctly. A woman with commercial flair, solid education – is a qualified lawyer – multilingual since her mother was swedish and her father serbian, cosmopolitan and charming, a greek par excellence. She is self made, commmunicative, cooperative and optimistic. Olivia A. Paranos believes that the
most advantageous choices are the ones that express our day and age; Work is the supreme creativity; Effusion and
extroversion are the most exciting elements of communication. She worked for the diplomatic sector in Sweden but decided
early enough that shipping was the ideal work for her. She began her endeavour in the field of shipping about 10 years ago
and she set out on a career whose evolution was swift.

Full article, ELNAVI April 2018, Issue 532, Page. 12

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