Panos Laskaridis at the helm of ECSA aiming to reinforce the European oceangoing shipping

The European shipping sector comprises a set of different maritime activities; oceangoing shipping, short sea, coastal, cruise and other fields of shipping.
Out of the above, the European ocean going, or deep water, shipping is the most sensitive sector since it competes the world’s superpowers of this sector, namely China, Singapore, Japan and therefore maintaining its competitiveness is the first priority of the sector.
“Without its own shipping sector and infrastructure Europe will become vulnerable and will lose a significant part of its economic power” says Mr. Panos Laskaridis who has recently assumed the presidency of the ECSA (European
Community Shipowners’ Associations).
Mr. Laskaridis gave an exclusive inter view to ELNAVI and describes his priorities during his 2-year term as president of the ECSA and points out that he will try to promote among other issues the competitiveness of the European oceangoing shipping which constitutes the driving force of the European economy.

Full article, ELNAVI June 2018, Posidonia edition No. 534, Page. 56

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