Spyros Goumas:

Dedicated to building a modern approach to maritime training, SQLearn has brought a number of disruptions in the
field such as the concept of interactive e-learning courses and real time connection with vessels. The company was
founded in 2006 by Spyros Goumas, a visionary and inspired personality who has worked in the professional training
sector for the last 30 years.
In the interview that follows, Spyros Goumas, CEO of SQLearn, describes the advantages of SQLearn’s e-learning
products and services and explains how SQLearn adapts to new technology and training trends. It must also be noted
that recently, in January 2020, SQLearn relocated in central Piraeus as a strategic move that signals the importance
it places on the shipping sector.

Full article, ELNAVI February 2020, Issue 554, Page. 8

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