Greek control shipping dominates the world despite the Covid-19 pandemic

The trade shock due to the pandemic did not change world shipping ranking as Greek shipping remained the dominant power of the market.
For the 34 th consecutive year the GSCC presents statistical data, on Greek controlled ships over 1,000 GT, registered under the Greek and other flags. The data has been provided by IHS Markit. During the year to March, 2021, the Greek controlled fleet has increased in terms of number of vessels, and has reached a record high in terms of DWT and GT. According to the data, as of 10.03.2021, Greek interests controlled 4,038 vessels of various categories, of 350,465,999 total DWT and 205,647,569 total GT. Compared with the previous year’s data, this represents an increase of 70 vessels, and an increase of 9,642,362 DWT and 5,953,710 GT. The figures include 134 vessels of various categories on order from shipyards, a total of 17,814,560 DWT and 11,480,103 GT.
The fleet registered under the Greek flag has decreased in terms of ship numbers, DWT and GT, now comprising 584 ships, of 36,623,355 GT and 62,317,858 DWT as opposed to the previous year’s figures of 636 ships, of 38,799,270 GT and 65,640,708 DWT.
Flag Analysis
The Greek controlled fleet is registered under some 29 flags.
Liberia comes first and Marshall Islands second.
Flag analysis of ships shows that Panama gained 44 ships, Liberia 65 ships, Marshall Islands 27 ships, Singapore 5 and Bahamas 1 ship.
On the other hand, decreases have been recorded in the number of vessels under the Cypriot, Maltese and Hong Kong flags. These registries recorded losses of 24, 15 and 1 ships, respectively.
Furthermore, the Greek flag, recorded a loss of 52 ships this year, 3,322,850 in DWT and 2,175,915 in GT. Minor changes have been noted for all other flags.

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