Stelios Magkanaris: “A hands on approach in Marine Adjusting”


With an engineering background of a large shipping company and a 20 year experience of managing all sorts of marine consulting as a field surveyor, Stelios Magkanaris, Director of Maradco Marine Adjusters & Consultants Inc., has a hands on approach which has been carried over to the culture of the company. In the interview that [...]

Columbia Shipmanagement aims to assist clients in optimising vessel performance and operations


The role of modern third party shipmanagement should be to optimise vessel performance and operations and thereby achieve ever higher savings and efficiencies. So says Mark O’N eil, President of Columbia Shipmanagement, who joined the company in January 2017 and who principally focuses on business development, new products, service levels and relationships with existing customers, [...]

Angeliki Kallini & George Margaritopoulos


The new generation of Greek average adjusters are established in the global shipping market

Multimarine expands in shipyard services investing on new drydock facilities


Building on mutually beneficial relationships and taking advantage of the geographical area of Cyprus and of Limassol port that attracts a large number of vessels Multimar ine Services has proceeded to the expansion of its shipyard business the last years investing on brand new drydock facilities. Pavlos Phokas, Commercial Director of Multimar ine Services, describes [...]

Verifavia Shipping simplifies shipowners’ requirements for IMO DCS & EU MRV


Both the EU and the IMO have set out clear ambitions to reduce greenhouse (GHG) emissions from shipping, and have mandated the processes through which this will be realised. According to EU MRV Regulation, which came into force on 1 July 2015, shipping companies with vessels of 5,000 GT and above operating within the EU [...]

Panos Laskaridis at the helm of ECSA aiming to reinforce the European oceangoing shipping


The European shipping sector comprises a set of different maritime activities; oceangoing shipping, short sea, coastal, cruise and other fields of shipping. Out of the above, the European ocean going, or deep water, shipping is the most sensitive sector since it competes the world’s superpowers of this sector, namely China, Singapore, Japan and therefore maintaining [...]

HudsonAnalytix – Cyber introduces HACyberLogix to raise awareness and familiarization in shipping


“As shipping companies adopt and deploy more internet enable technologies onboard vessels, the risk of zero day exploits with increase”, says Mr. Max J. Bobys, Vice President, Global Strategies, HudsonAnalytix – Cyber. Mr. Bodys spoke to ELNAVI in one of his regular visits in Athens and explained how HudsonAnalytix – Cyber can help shipping companies [...]

Toril Eidesvik: “The charismatic leader of TTS Group”


Interview: Stefanos Papandreou



Iraklis Prokopakis: “Danaos Corporation owes itssustainable growth to a disciplined business modeland a high level of expertise”, Cristina Liakopulos de Papadikis: “The Panama Merchant Marine is always committed to providing our users a world class service of excellence”, ………

Maria Kouliga – Pavlou: “Following a dynamic approach in shipping”


By Theano Kalapotharakou

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