SMM 2018 exposed the smart solutions of shipping


Taking advantage of the Greek shipping heritage and the vast knowledge of maritime equipment the Greek manufacturing firms and providers of services successfully participated in SMM 2018 promoting innovative products and smart ship solutions. SMM took place from 4-7 September 2018 at the 3rd biggest port of Europe in Hamburg and for the success of [...]

Verifavia Shipping simplifies shipowners’ requirements for IMO DCS & EU MRV


Both the EU and the IMO have set out clear ambitions to reduce greenhouse (GHG) emissions from shipping, and have mandated the processes through which this will be realised. According to EU MRV Regulation, which came into force on 1 July 2015, shipping companies with vessels of 5,000 GT and above operating within the EU [...]

Resolve Marine Group expands in Alaska


Resolve Marine Group and their subsidiary 1-Call Alaska have recently expanded in Alaska resulting in coverage of all of Western Alaska and the Prince William Sound Captain of the Port Zones. The expansion, after working in Alaska for over 35 years, has allowed 1-Call Alaska to be the leading Alternative Planning Criteria provider in Alaska [...]

2nd Malta Maritime Summit strengthens the potential of the Maltese shipping industry


Mission to Malta Stefanos Papandreou

The Greek Maritime Education is reformed with the establishment of private academies


By Stefanos Papandreou

Special Report: 3rd Party Shipmanagement


Themis Papadopoulos: “Interorient Shipmanagement’s key forsuccessful daily operation is the right balance between automation and human judgement”, Costas Kontes: “V.Ships drives purposeful change at the very heart of its management operations”, …….

Special Report: Maritime Communications


Marlink enables the evolution of operations at sea, Furuno embraces the challenges of the future and delivers innovative solutions to its esteemed customers, ………..

Posidonia 2018 aftermaths


Posidonia 2018 opens a new chapter in its 50-year long legacy

Trends in SMMart Shipping


During the SMM advance press conference, experts and top-flight industry representatives gave a preview of the topics that will be in focus at the leading international maritime trade fair in Hamburg from 4 to 7 September. Top items on the agenda will be the digital revolution, eco-friendly propulsion technologies, new growth opportunities and the challenges [...]

Danaos Users Meeting The strategy 2018-2020


Responding to the future challenges of shipping such as the autonomous ship and block chain technology Danaos organised its Users’ Meeting with great success to discuss the new opportunities of business that are created by the new technological advances. The status of maritime Information Technology today was presented by Dr. John Coustas, CEO of Danaos [...]

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